Underground Asylum


This area is unlocked during the University Quest. It is accessed through the Boiler Room in Combine Labs (Metroplex U).

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

     Opponent      Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg RabidWolf.jpg
As you walk the halls, you hear a click, click, click of footsteps behind you. You turn around to see a hideous mockery of a hound, with bone quills piercing through every inch of its flesh.
coffee.jpg ThirdEyeThug.jpg

You turn around to see the shout's source and find a lone guard. Luckily it doesn't seem like anyone else has noticed.
As you move through the hallway, the world seems to twist and turn. For a moment, you wonder why you're on the ceiling.

Then you wonder why there's someone else on the ceiling with you.

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Hall of Doors

  1. The screaming door - Fight spectral patient
  2. The chanting door - Fight Third Eye Sorcerer OR Fight 2 Third Eye Sorcerers and a Twisted Hound
  3. The whispering door - If you have an asylum key (otherwise nothing)
    1. Rush him - Various results — see page for details
    2. Intimidate him - Various results — see page for details
    3. Back off - Nothing
  4. The silent door
    1. Search the desk - Get an asylum journal, subsequent attempts get 2-4? old pill bottles and/or an ornate letter opener
    2. Grab some books - First use, get a tome of binding; subsequently get 1-2 books, selected from: Chess for Beginners, The Eye, tome of binding
    3. Search under the desk - Only appears after using the asylum journal Get asylum key or ancient candybar if you already have a key
    4. Reading's for suckers - Nothing
  5. Keep walking - Nothing


If you opened the door with Eclipse, you do not need to maintain Etheric to be in the Underground Asylum, but do need Eclipse to get in again. If you blew open the door with dynamite, it remains open.

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