Underwater Crate



Encounter Conditions

Ocean Eyes (and Ocean Song?) active, if you had agreed to find the arms dealer's lost shipment as part of Lo's Investigation

Initial Text

As you move along the lakebed, your comm beeps, making a strange muffled sound in the water. It seems that you're pretty close to the coordinates that the arms dealer gave you… but this is dozens of meters deeper than you remember him telling you. Maybe your comm isn't as waterproof as they advertise.

Sure enough, though, there's a small hill of sand and rock nearby. One of the fish creatures rests behind a rock nearby. Following its gaze, you see a crate half-buried on the far slope of the hill.

Summary of Choices

  1. Charge the fish person - fight a Deep Hunter
  2. Approach in peace - with Ocean Eyes gain deteriorating shipment, otherwise fight a Deep Hunter
  3. Steal it - Fight Deep Hunter and gain deteriorating shipment if you win
  4. Swim away - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Charge the fish person

You advance towards the creature. Born to the water, it snaps its tail once to close the remaining distance.

(Fight a Deep Hunter)

Approach in peace

With Ocean Eyes:

You make your way closer with your hands above your head. It either understands the gesture, likes you, or both, because it turns and swims away.

With a few sharp tugs, you're able to pull the shipment from the lakebed.

You found: deteriorating shipment


You carefully approach the shipment with your hands up. The creature either doesn't recognize or doesn't respect the gesture, charging towards you with a snap of its tail.

(Fight a Deep Hunter, gain a deteriorating shipment if you win in addition to regular drops)

Steal it

You kick your way gently towards the crate, but the guard's head turns towards you before you're even halfway there. It closes the distance, spear in hand, with one snap of its tail.

(Fight a Deep Hunter, gain a deteriorating shipment if you win in addition to regular drops)

Swim away

Something happens, but mostly it's just

See Walk Away

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