Undying Heart


Image heart25.jpg
Description It's unwise to compare your body to others'. Few people could survive a bullet to the head without trauma care, let alone the horrors you've been through.

Even knowing that, your heart stands out, pumping strongly as long as enough of it remains intact to beat at all.
Effects +4 Strength


Possible reward for finishing The Black Sketchbook quest, by winning the fight in the Towering Figure choice encounter


Eating opponents with organs while you have Ghoultouched active:

If you rest after being beaten all to hell, you receive this message before all normal resting messages:

As you search for the best place to rest, your heart stirs and you can feel the life painfully returning to your limbs.

You regain <10% of max (rounded up)> hit points!


When it was first found this skill gave +3 Strength and 1 First Aid

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