University Jack O' Lantern


Image jack-o-lanturn.jpg
Description Between its waxy texture and the electrical light on the inside, it's hard to claim this was ever a pumpkin. That said, it still manages to capture the spirit of Halloween pretty well.
Type Furniture
Use You set up the jack o' lantern on a corner table and turn on the flickering light. Spooky.
Effects Sets up a Jack O' Lantern at your appartment


Pumpkin Lantern, at Halloween 2010


Using this gives:


You stare into your jack o' lantern's flickering eyes, absorbing the spooky spirit.

You've gained 20+X energy of Halloween Spirit.

And, with a jack o' lantern projector installed:

It's extra spooky with your holographic pumpkin casting the shadowy room in pale green light.

And if you have some Halloween decals:

<Message for having some Halloween decals. Gain 5 extra energy for each type of decals>

Or, after already using a Halloween Skeleton that day:

You admire your jack o' lantern, but you're pretty well Halloween'd already.

Or, after using your Jack O' Lantern today:

You admire your jack o' lantern some more. Yeah, that's one seriously cool jack o' lantern.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg capacitor array, polysteel
GoldCoins.jpg .40 Curiosities
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