University Net

Midgard is now offering Novos websites for student blogs at the university. They can be found in various ways in the Computer Lab.

These hacking encounters are randomly generated from various templates. Once you find a link to a site, you can access it from the Net screen. The sites only last a handful of days before they are deleted by Midgard Security so there is a limited time to access the site once you found the link. Once you hack into a site, the link will be removed from the list on the Net page, although it should be possible to find the link again. Sites are shared across players- if two people find a site with the same name, it will also have the same structure and same kinds of files.

There are several new Routines available from the University Net sites- notably the Post Archive and Shared Files have lots of results. The content on these sites seems to be picked randomly from a broader category. For example, a site might have several different blog posts related to different TV shows.

See University Net Site Types and University Net Site Structure for more details.


Links to new sites can be found in the following ways:

  • Viewing the Connection Records on the Novos test server in the Computer Lab. Requires at least 2-3 View.
  • Viewing the Crosslinks on any existing University Net site. Higher View can give multiple links at once.
  • Running around various locations with a Juryrigged Antenna active. This doesn't give a link to a site, but drops you into a Novos hacking encounter straight away.
  • Quite rarely, the Shared Files will have a file about securing Novos sites with a link to an example.

The Connection Records and Juryrigged Antenna seem to give more new sites, whereas the Crosslinks tends to give related sites in a small network, which can result in more duplicates.


Computer Lab:

Wandering through the lab, you pick up on the signal of someone accessing a server nearby.

You follow the signal to <site>.

Or, after getting the message about videos being posted from the Shotgun Saint computer game:

You pick up the trail to one of the sites that was receiving Shotgun Saint videos. It doesn't look like the student posted them, but that's not terribly surprising when you consider the contents.

You follow the signal to <site>.

The VIP Room:

The VIP room seems like a pretty quiet place to browse the Net, maybe even engage in more clandestine activities, so it doesn't really surprise you to intercept a couple signals.

You follow the signal to <site>.

Happy Hour:

You pick up on a Net signal cutting across the Happy Hour. Who browses the Net at a dance club? Then again, who eavesdrops of people's connections to the Net as a dance club?

You follow the signal to <site>.

The Quad:

Walking across the Quad, checking the place out with your antenna, you intercept the signal of someone checking out one of the servers here on campus.

You follow the signal to <site>.

Also, sometimes with the coat of mysterious circuitry (or derivative items), the following line is added, which indicates that the site will have an Ancient Vault:

You recognize something in the signal that reminds you of the notes in your coat pockets.


See Novos Defenders for full details of mechanics. There are several types of possible sites:

Defenders Alert
First defender: Watching Eyes Never at ≤5 Sometimes at 6-11 Always at ≥12
Kick Never at ≤22 Sometimes at 23-24 Always at ≥25
Defenders Alert
First defender: Watching Eyes Never at ≤1 Sometimes at 2-4 Always at ≥5
Second defender: Guardian Never at ≤10 Sometimes at 11-15 Always at ≥16
Kick Never at ≤20 Sometimes at 21-22 Always at ≥23
Defenders Alert
First defender: Handcoded Eye Never at ≤1 Sometimes at 2-4 Always at ≥5
Second defender: Handcoded Claw Never at ≤9? Sometimes at 10?-15 Always at ≥16
Kick Never at ≤20 Sometimes at 21-22 Always at ≥23
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