Unlined Vest


Image ArmoredVest.jpg
Description This is what happens when you take an armored vest and remove the armor, leaving nothing but a sad husk. It's still tear resistant, but that's about all you can give it.
Type Shirt
Effects +1 Melee Defense


Using armory supplies (sometimes)
Losing to a trio of sewer mutants in the Abandoned Subway, while wearing a containment suit top. (May require a full containment suit; needs testing.)
Drops from slags guard when you have a salvaging tools equipped.

toolbox.jpg all weather coat, armored jacket, biofeedback vest, black stone vest, containment suit top, custom flak jacket, filthy duster, fused breastplate, holocaust coat, hustler's coat, light armored vest, lined coat, mimetic vest, mirror heart vest, outlaw coat, prototype vest, punk jacket, ratty suit coat, reactive vest, scaled vest, shark hide vest, unsealed top, vintage suit coat, wetsuit top


Complete an Unlined Vest with an Achromatic Ingot
Achromatic Ingot Unlined Vest
= Achromatic Vest
Reinforce an unlined vest with ballistic plastic
Unlined Vest Ballistic Plastic
= Armored Jacket
Rig an Unlined Vest for realistic biofeedback with two Capacitor Arrays and two Biomonitor Circuits
Quest Recipe: Learn this recipe from using biofeedback vest plans
Unlined Vest Capacitor Array Capacitor Array Biomonitor Circuit Biomonitor Circuit
= Biofeedback Vest
Reinforce an Unlined Vest with some Stone Spider Chitin
Unlined Vest Stone Spider Chitin
= Black Stone Vest
Use an Unlined Vest as the base for Sealant Patches
Unlined Vest Sealant Patches
= Containment Suit Top
Shape Fused Polysteel around an Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Fused Polysteel
= Fused Breastplate
Add some Polysteel to an Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Polysteel
= Light Armored Vest
Slip some Hardened Plastic into an Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Hardened Plastic
= Lined Coat
Insert Lead into an Unlined Vest
Lead Unlined Vest
= Lead Vest
Complete an Unlined Vest with a Mimetic Sheet
Unlined Vest Mimetic Sheet
= Mimetic Vest
Fit a Shining Mirror Shard to your Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Shining Mirror Shard
= Mirror Heart Vest
Fill an Unlined Vest with Reactive Gel
Unlined Vest Reactive Gel
= Reactive Vest
Back an unlined vest with a sheet of scales
Unlined Vest Sheet of Scales
= Scaled Vest
Stiffen an Unlined Vest with Cured Shark Hide
Unlined Vest Cured Shark Hide
= Shark Hide Vest
Melt a Spider Skein into an Unlined Vest
Spider Skein Unlined Vest
= Silk Vest
Expand your Unlined Vest with an Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
Unlined Vest Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
= Survivors' Origami Shirt
Fit some Wetsuit Fabric around an Unlined Vest
Wetsuit Fabric Unlined Vest
= Wetsuit Top
Fuse a Pale Worm Hide to an Unlined Vest
Pale Worm Hide Unlined Vest
= Worm Scale Shirt
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Arms
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