Unlocked Chain


Image chainkey25.jpg
Description It seems your suspicions about chained ghosts are least partially correct: something of those you kill remains trapped in the chain. You've learned a little bit about how to release that.


Defeating Form of Chains after opposing Chain Bindings with Tumbling Key.


With at least 10 energy of Etheric for it to consume:

It takes some braintwisting effort, but you manage to pop one of the charms through the chain. Both are still in one piece afterwards… the charm even still has a little
bit of chain attached… it's probably better not to think about it too hard.

You found: detached copy of your most recently added charm

You might have the hang of it. You could always try again.

No charms left:

There are some charms on this chain, but nothing to really speaks to you.

When sober:

You can't seem to figure out any way to get the charms off this chain. Maybe you're just not in the right state of mind.

Without a charmed chain in your possession:

It helps if you have a chain to try and remove the charms from.

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