Unlocked Midgard Player


Image Media-Player25.jpg
Description Like most Midgard hardware, this was well-built but locked down with security from the hardware level on up. You took the simple route of just replacing the hardware.

The new processor has unlocked it for other purposes, but the interface is still… well, non-existent. You can hook it up to your comm and use the buttons there, but it's pretty painful.
Type Gadget (Music, No Trade, Usable)
Use See Midgard Player
Functions midgardplayerdie.jpgmidgardplayerdie.jpgnovoskeytar.jpgnovoskeytar.jpgglitchbfg.jpgglitchbfg.jpg
Effects 2 Processor
4 Memory
-5 Code Finesse


Unlock a Midgard Player by replacing its locked processor with a normal Processor Chip
Midgard Player processor chip
= unlocked Midgard Player


Upgrade an Unlocked Midgard Player with a Gold Processor
unlocked Midgard Player gold processor
= gold Midgard Player
Replace an Unlocked Midgard Player's sensors with a Biomonitor Circuit
unlocked Midgard Player biomonitor circuit
= monitored Midgard Player
toolbox.jpg Midgard Player
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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