Unmarked Grenades


Image RoundGrenade25.jpg
Description There are usually only two reasons you'll find unmarked explosives: someone's churning them out by hand or someone doesn't want to be traced. The first kind can be unreliable, to say the least, but the only way you're going to find out which kind of grenades you have here is throwing them at someone and seeing what happens.
Type Usable
Use You check over the unmarked grenades and stow them for use later.
Multi You check over your assortment of unmarked grenades and stow them for use later.
Effects You learned a new Technique: Live Grenade


Arm your Gas Grenades with Nitro
Gas Grenades Nitro
= Unmarked Grenades
Liven up your Gas Grenades with a stick of Dynamite
Gas Grenades Dynamite
= Unmarked Grenades


Add Polysteel shrapnel to your Unmarked Grenades
Unmarked Grenades Polysteel
= Frag Grenades
Attach some Scorched Glass Shards to your Unmarked Grenades very carefully
Unmarked Grenades Scorched Glass Shards
= Frag Grenades
Top off your Unmarked Grenades with two piles of White Flakes
Learn recipe from Shared Files 
Unmarked Grenades White Flakes White Flakes
= Incendiary Grenades
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Arms


Before Dec 6th, 2014, this item was called 'unmarked grenade', and use text: 'You clip the unmarked grenade to yourself. Well, that'll probably come in handy.', and multi 'You clip the unmarked grenades to yourself. Well, those'll probably come in handy.'.

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