Unruly Tiger



Encounter Conditions

Each day, until you get rid of the Drunken Tiger hassling the bartender

Initial Text

Along one long wall, a humanoid drone tends the bar. Although its movements seem surprisingly fluid, it's stranger how its movements become more and more agitated as the drunk in front of it complains and asks for more drinks.

After the second "sorry, sir, you should probably be headed home," it even switches to "get out of my bar, you asshole," which doesn't seem like the typical vernacular.

The drunk, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be taking "no" for an answer, pointedly extending the claws from his tiger-patterned arm.

Summary of Choices

  1. Tell him to back off - Fight Drunken Tiger, unlock Bar Drone and Arachnid Alcohol if you win
  2. Tell him to die - Fight Drunken Tiger, unlock Bar Drone and Arachnid Alcohol if you win
  3. Back him up - Gain Cellar Door stout
  4. Let them work it out - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Tell him to back off

"You wanna go? You wanna fucking go?"

They seem to be rhetorical questions as he extends a set of surprisingly realistic claws and swipes at you.

(Fight Drunken Tiger)

With a cybernetic tattoo installed

He looks down at your tattoos, his snarling bravado fading away as you watch. "Uh, yeah, sure. Sure thing boss."

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Tell him to die

The bartender kicks back to watch in a rather undronelike fashion, pumping its fist occasionally from the sidelines. Meanwhile, the drunk looks excited to jump into the fight.

(Fight Drunken Tiger)

Back him up

You approach to help him shake another drink out of the bartender. The bartender quickly relents, sliding the drunk another beverage. He orders one for you as well, with a "thanks for the assist."

You found: Cellar Door stout

Let them work it out


The drunk glowers at you as you make your way past.

(Walk away)

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