Unsealed Cyberblade


Image cybernetic%20blade%2025.jpg
Description This cyberblade, although it looks like a normal prosthetic without the blade extended, doesn't have the seal on it that marks it as safe. It'll pass basic inspection, but any sort of scanner will pick up the deception.
Type Cyber (Cyberarms) (Quest) (Cyberblade)
Requires 4 Body
Effects +4 Stealth Power
+2 Melee Power
-2 Ranged Defense


Showing cybersafety seal to Yakuza at the bar


Apply a Cybersafety Seal to an Unsealed Cyberblade
Unsealed Cyberblade Cybersafety Seal
= Sealed Cyberblade
toolbox.jpg artificial muscle fibers, others?
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Arms
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