An attribute on Novos hacking tools.

In game description:

Alerts the system you are attacking to your presence.


4 Protein Analysis
3 Bass Play
2 Bass Treatment
Drone Overwrite
Hologame Download
Hologame Flurry
Midgard Amplification
Midgard Cleaner
Modulated Amplification
Musical Amplification
Protein Query
Tactile Strike
Tactical Tracer
Tactical View
Wideband Assault*
Wideband Command*
Wideband Search*
1 Reconnect
Adjustable Command
Arachnid View
Brute Strike
Character Defense
Costume Change
Crash Script
Direct Command
Disk Browser
Forge Blade
Forge Gauntlet
Forge Orb
Fractal Assault (no unsubtle if preceded by another fractal function)
Fractal Command (no unsubtle if preceded by another fractal function)
Fractal Scan (no unsubtle if preceded by another fractal function)
Hologame Communication
Inhuman Defense
Lantern Bomb
Manual Search
Secured Command
Secured Search
Sweet Command
Swarming Code
Tactile Command
Voice Command
Waiting Command
Waiting Eyes
Waiting Lash

* Chance of it being just 1 unsubtle, depending on Code Finesse and how many Wideband functions you used.

Note: Various Routines can also increase the unsubtlety. See Novos Alert for details on these and how it relates Unsubtlety to Alert.

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