Unused Y4


Image PDA.jpg
Description Taking a look at the back of this PDA, it's a Midgard Y4, which got obsoleted about four years ago. Glancing through the setup and calendar information, it looks like the PDA was used for about two months right around then.

The interface is really clunky, but the processor setup was way ahead of its time.
Type Gadget
Hidden Flags Midgard PDA
Requires 8 Base Perception
Effects 3 Processor
3 Memory
-3 Code Finesse


Opening the Vault in the Midgard Warehouse


Slot another Memory Stick into an Unused Y4, just like Midgard
Memory Stick Unused Y4
= Mock Y5
Remake an Unused Y4 with a Twitch Controller
Unused Y4 Twitch Controller
= Refitted Y4
toolbox.jpg memory stick (x1), PDA Chassis (x1), processor chip (x2), signal analysis circuit (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Goods
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