Updated Scanner


Image HandRadio.jpg
Description This old police scanner has had the circuitry pulled out and replaced. The antennae's still ancient, so you don't get a good signal, but what comes through is handled much better.
Type Gadget


Replace outdated parts in a Police Scanner with a Signal Analysis Circuit
Police Scanner Signal Analysis Circuit
= Updated Scanner


Sometimes gives messages about which gang controls various PvP zones if equipped while participating in gang warfare:

You hear some static from your police scanner as you finish up the fight. You take a few moments to tune in and catch the latest.

Sounds like <zone> <is loosely held/is strongly held/is in the iron grip> by <gang>.

Overhaul a Police Scanner with some Thick Cabling and a Signal Analysis Circuit
Updated Scanner Thick Cabling
= Retrofitted Scanner
toolbox.jpg signal analysis circuit, police scanner
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