Urban Lore


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Description You know all the creepy old urban legends and can call them to mind at a moment's notice. Should be fairly harmless as long as you're not taking Eclipse.
Effects Use from your character pane to focus on the city's myths.
When Used

Your mind swims with terrible legends and rumors. It feels like, just by focusing for a moment, you could single one out… make it so real you're living it.


Using Urban Legends Vol 1


Consumes Eclipse in your system in exchange for summoning various spooky items. The cost of summoning increases each time you use it in a day, but resets at rollover. Other Etheric-type effects that can be used to power etheric techniques can also be used (see etheric for details). This skill and other Summoning Skills share the same counter for summoning costs.

Summon Cost Total cost
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 16 31
6 32 63
7 64 127
n 2n–1 2n–1


Text Item gain Effect
You stare into space, remembering the mysterious shapes that wait beyond windows in the darkness of night. But this time, it's just you staring back, mocking you with a knowing smirk.

Eventually your fist comes down on the glass, shattering the knowing reflection. You can hear the soft tinkle of glass raining to the floor.
Staring shard +2 Ranged Defense
+20% Perception
(10 turns)
You can hear the raspy crackle of static that slowly becomes the voices of the dead. You remember the strange joy of reaching out from beyond the grave to give the living warnings they can never quite seem to obey.

Even after the vision stops, the static continues until you find the comm resting snugly in your pocket.
Comm of the dead +2 Stealth Defense
+20% Reflexes
(10 turns)
You can almost hear the hook-handed stalker scratching away under a child's bed. The delicious rush of fear… it's intoxicating.

When you finally snap to, it takes a surprisingly long time to notice the hook you're carrying. It just feels so natural.
Bloody hook hand +2 Melee Defense
+20% Strength
(10 turns)
You remember staring out over a small room, the faint red light from your eyes serving as a soothing nightlight… your squealing laugh soothing any child that hears it. You just can't understand why they don't play with you anymore.

After a moment, you realize you're staring into the eyes rather than out of them.
Creepy clown statue +2 Etheric Defense
+20% Will
(10 turns)
You can feel your hands adjusting the cufflinks on your tailored suit. You can see the riot surging around you without hearing their pleas. They're sick and filthy, but the men with MK9s make sure the blood splatters away from you.

You open a small tin and feel a pill fall into your hand. Something about that jolts you back to wakefulness. The pill's still there, though, shining like a new car.
Panacea pill Gain 45-50 hit points, remove a large number of negative effects (see item page)
You can see someone walking down an alleyway. He's young and fit, the organs you're cutting out should fetch good price at the market.

As you carefully pack one into a crate, you drop it on your foot. Cursing, you pick it back up, only realizing things are back to normal a moment later.
Organ transport box First Aid required to use; lose (10-First Aid) hp, gain 1 Body, or 2 Body if First Aid ≥7
Your vision fades into blackness. Your hearing fades until there's nothing, not even the sound of breathing or blood rushing through your veins. You wait for someone to move the slab above you… just one moment, that's all it will take.

You reach up in the cramped quarters, peeling a strip of ancient bandage from your face. Light comes rushing back, painfully blinding even when you shield your eyes. As your eyes adjust, you realize you're still holding the strip of fabric.
Mummy wrappings Gain one of: mummy mask, wrapping pants, torso wrappings
You can feel the ancient ink pen in one taloned bone hand and the unfurled length of paper in the other. You glance down the paper, scratching off names one by one as you remember them dying in agony on your claws or driven to suicide.

You grow angry for a moment when you realize your pen has vanished, then realize everything is back to normal. You roll your list up and safely put it away.
List of names Causes you to fight a Dark Specter in a few turns if you are etheric; the specter can drop smoke talons and trophy talons, and give you energy of Dark Smoke, which can be turned into energy of Etheric & teach you the Smoke Talons technique
You can feel your hands carefully implanting blades and needles in candy apples. It's Halloween after all, that's what you give the bad little boys and girls.

When you stop to clean the sugary goo off your hands, you realize you're staring off into space, not in a spacious kitchen.
candy apple Only on the 31st of October, yearly

Other messages

Attempting to focus when not Etheric:

You're not really in the right state of mind for that right now.

If you do not have enough Etheric to focus X times:

Your mind swims with ideas, but you don't think you can handle doing it <X> times.

If you do not have enough Etheric to focus even once:

You don't feel up to doing that again right now.

If you have enough Etheric to focus multiple times:

You call to mind the terrible legends, jumping from one to another. Your world flickering between them until you catch your breath, but none vanish entirely, leaving behind traces.

If you have enough Etheric, but try to focus a non-integer amount of times:

That doesn't make a lot of sense.

Otherwise, see above Results


† Only one of these four effects can be active at the same time.

Technique Summary

Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Damage Notes
smoketalon.jpg Smoke Talons Melee Strength 4 With Eclipse, becomes a 14 Damage Etheric attack using Will.
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