Use It Or Lose It

Resetting causes you to lose certain recipes, all skills, and all quest items. This page lists recipes and skills you might want to take advantage of before they disappear, quest items that you can gain some benefit from before they are lost, and other things you might want to do before resetting. See also daily activities for other things you might want to do before resetting. (Leaving PvP may also be wise.)

Quest Recipes

Quest recipes must be re-learned after each beta reset.


(All chemistry crafting requires the Experimental Chemistry skill.)


(All coding requires the Simple Coding skill.)



(The Sushi Chef skill gives you better yields when making sushi.)


This section lists skills you might want to take advantage of before resetting.

Quest Items

Sell for Credits

Use to buy things at the Golden Chip

Items Possibly Worth Using Before You Reset

Craft/Process into Non-Quest Items

Tear Into Paper Mache



This costs energy, so the code recovered might not be worth the expenditure of turns. A decompiling program cannot be used to decompile itself.

Donate to Gang Stash

Needs Checking

These items don't have a uses section on their wiki page.

No Known Non-Quest Use

Many of these items can be used to complete a quest, gain a skill, or otherwise do something useful. Chances are, then, that you won't have many of these still in your inventory when you're ready to reset. But if you are about to reset and for some reason haven't done anything with one of these items yet, it cannot quickly and easily be disposed of in a productive way.

(Salvaging results seem to indicate that salvaging quest items that have been crafted with non-quest items returns only the quest item. It may be worth trying to salvage crafted quest items (e.g. the various injectors, if for some reason you never used them to get a skill) in case this isn't always true, especially if you have Expert Salvager. What do you have to lose?)

Killable NPCs

If you're not worried about carrying bad karma into your next incarnation, before resetting you may wish to kill certain unique opponents with special drops who may only be killed once per run. Quest item drops are not listed, as are opponents who only drop quest items. (You may already have killed off some of these while completing quests.)

Opponent Encountered Unique Drops
Boris Meeting Boris Biotech PDA, The Claw
Design Student Suzy, Statue Fan Odd Sketchbook
Dr. Johnson Dr. Johnson I Presume? scientist's claw, smoky glass visor
Dr. Mira Dr. Mira's Team, Dr. Mira Talks examination glasses
Hipster Horrible Poet unlabeled music
Masked Shaman Emaciated Man cursed head
Officer Stone Security Office custom flak jacket
Quad Psycho The Quad in Gang Warfare while etheric after watching killers 3 Shining glasses (for final defeat), several others (any defeat)
Pool Shark Captured Pool Shark hustler's cue, hustler's coat
Saber Hall of Doors Third Eye vest
Shard Beaten Man lieutenant's shades
The Hammer Being Tracked the Hammer's sledge, unshielded jumpjet
The Navigator Trapped Navigator Navigator's glasses, Navigator's penknife


  • If you've been fishing with an Extreme Tackle Box, use it to see if anything's gathered inside.
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