Valkyrie Statue



Encounter Conditions



Nearly blocking off a side hallway, you find a statue of a woman with a spear. She has a certain ferocious, warlike cast about her that you feel you could match… possibly have matched at some point.

(And, with a museum-guidebook equipped:)

The museum guide explains that she's supposed to be a valkyrie, a mythological figure from the same region that gave Midgard its name. The statue is apparently a few centuries newer, but was sculpted in the same region. The book curiously leaves out details about how it got to Metroplex.

(And, with an odd sketchbook equipped:)

This statue has definitely inspired several of the sketches in the book you're carrying around.

You've earned 2 XP in Strength
(+1 with odd sketchbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation, and/or +2 with a museum-guidebook or book of sculptures equipped)

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