Versus Techniques

Some techniques can be enhanced when they are used opposite an opponent's technique. In multiple-opponent fights, only the opponent you are targeting matters. See technique forms for details.

Special note: When checking for versus conditionals, only the base form of a technique is checked — for techniques known to the player, this means the type as shown on the actual technique popup. For example, opposing Raven's Eyes technique always counts as vs. Etheric, no matter what kind of damage it actually deals. Fanged snowman page (among other pages) has details.

List of Versus techniques

Technique Enhanced/modified if opposing:
Backstab Melee
Blade Of Frost Stealth
Brace Spear Melee
Bullet for Ginn* Etheric
Bullet for Surt* Melee
Bullet for Ymir* Stealth
Bristled Strike Melee
Burrowing Ruse Evasion
Chemical Mixture Evasion
Clashing Blow Melee
Disruptive Shot* Etheric
Gem Break Etheric
Hoop Jump Melee/Ranged
Inhuman Strength Ranged
Kidney Punch Melee
Lakebed Grapple Melee
Lead Shot Evasion
Longarm Melee
Organ Feast Melee/Evasion
Pale Summons Fire
Primitive Attack Ranged
Project Skull* Etheric
Shark Bite Stealth/Etheric
Shotgun Blast Melee
Smother Evasion
Spear Hunting Melee/Evasion
Sprouting Slime Evasion
Stalk Through Snow Evasion
Steel Rocket Evasion
Swordplay (with mislit rusted sword) Melee
Tesla Coil Non-Evasion
Transparent Attack Evasion
Transparent Dodge Stealth
Toxic Grip Fire*, Evasion

NPC-only techniques

Beat Wings Viciously Fire
Branch Grab Evasion
Clamp Down Evasion
Claw Block Melee
Collapse Into Pure Flame Melee/Etheric
Construct Snowman Fire
Disappear In A Blur Fire?
Drag Off Feet Fire
Drag To Maw Evasion
Electrify Armor Melee
Entangling Arms Melee
Envelop Evasion
Envelop In Slush Evasion
Fade Into Mists Silver Bullets
Fervently Stab Melee?
Foot Crush Evasion
Force Pulse Etheric
Gather And Charge Melee
Gem Maze Etheric
Gnash Teeth Melee/Fire/Evasion
Grasping Grab Melee/Fire
Green Light Etheric??
Haul In The Air Evasion
Leg Slam Evasion
Loop Chain Melee/Evasion
Mist Shroud Etheric
Patchwork Defense Fire
Pin With Spear Evasion
Reaching Claws Fire
Shimmering Energy Etheric
Single Needle Etheric?
Sink Claws Evasion
Smother In Dark Vapors Etheric
Spiky Maw Evasion
Stabbing Charm Evasion
Strange Song Melee
Swirl Stealth
Tight Grab Evasion
Tighten Wire Evasion
Tubegrown Gaze Fire
Unfold Arms Fire
Vicious Wings Fire/Ranged
Viper Lunge Fire

* These techniques have additional requirements

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