Vicious Sid Or Otherwise



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2011

Initial Text

You turn a corner in some of the twisty tunnels around the ballroom, coming face to face with two students. One, bedecked in fake leather and a shockingly green mohawk, is in the process of shaking down the other… who just looks like all the Emerald Gift fans. It sounds like the first student is trying to get the second to leave and the second student is trying to get the first not to punch him in the face.

Summary of Choices

  1. Jump the punk - something happens
  2. Attack his target - something happens
  3. Kill them all - something happens
  4. Leave them be - this section can just be copied from the location page

Choice Text and Results

Jump the punk

You take the other student's place and he bolts away with hardly a "thank you."

(Fight a Punk Student)

Attack his target

You bowl over the other student. The punk looks like he's searching for something witty to add, then shrugs and leaves to find a new target.

(Fight a hipster)

Kill them all

Sample format for encounters leading to combat. The encounter text goes here.

(Fight a opponent name)

Leave them be

You wander past them, overtaken by the punk's fleeing target a moment later. He doesn't stop going, though, until he's clear outside the building.

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