Vine Lash


Image vinelash.jpg
Description A Melee attack requiring vines to be fully effective
Chain 4
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 2
Special +8 Base Power with vines

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 2
You slap out at <opponent> as though lashing <opponent> with a whip, dealing <x> melee damage.
While Etheric 10 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
A thorned vine stretches from your hand, lashing <opponent> for <x> melee damage
With a thorny vine equipped 10 Takes priority over Etheric version.
You lash <opponent> with a thorned vine for <x> melee damage.


Fighting Overgrown Cubicles (win or lose)
Fighting Vine Confluence (win)

Used by (Opponents)

Overgrown Cubicles
Vine Confluence

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