Viny Freight Elevator



Encounter Conditions

Fixed the Unchained Freight Elevator, and interacted with vines somehow.

Initial Text

The freight elevator you opened at the corner of this floor looks normal enough… if you discount the vines peeking in around the edges of the door. As you come closer, the door opens on its own, revealing more vines dangling from the ceiling.

Summary of Choices

  1. Step in - Go to Maintenance Storage
  2. Nevermind - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Ride up

The vines around you shiver, twist, and grow. The elevator clunks upwards with a creaking like the sound of trees in the wind.

Eventually, however, the door opens into a storage area. Vines crisscross over a yellowed note reading "Elevator Out of Service."

(Go to Maintenance Storage)


Yeah, staying in the garage sounds safer for now.

(Walk Away)

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