Virtual Pet Bass


Image Adorable-Bass25.jpg
Description This program displays an adorable cartoon bass swimming back and forth on the bottom of your display. It doesn't really do much, just periodically require you to click on it or scratch its chin… which you're fairly sure isn't standard for bass.

It'd make a great combination of adorable animal sidekick and handicap for hacking, though. You know, if you were in to that sort of thing.
Type Program
Requires 1 Processor, 2 Memory
Functions bassface.jpgbassface.jpgbassface.jpgsickbassface.jpgsickbassface.jpgsickbassface.jpg
Effects +1 Will XP from Net Combat


Winning or being a runner-up in a monthly Extreme Fishing contest


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
computerchip.jpg automation routine
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.


When viewing the Extreme Fishing website, this message is appended after the normal text:

Your virtual pet bass does a little flip at the bottom of the screen.

Or, if you name is listed on the site:

Your virtual pet bass does a little flip at the bottom of the screen then swims up to nuzzle your name.



Your fish can be healthy, tired, or sick in three different ways. If it is healthy, you can use Bass Play to interact with it. If you use Bass Play a second time, it becomes tired and will be sick the following hacking session(?). If it is sick, then you can cure it by feeding it various stuff.

You see the status of the fish when you disconnect from a hack, and see the results of any medicine at that time as well. If you used multiple types of medicine in a hacking session, only the last one counts at the end of the hack.

If you feed it medicine when it is healthy, it becomes sick. If you feed it the wrong type of medicine when already sick, nothing seems to happen.


When using View, the following is appended post-batch (and gives -1 View):

Your bass obstinately floats right where you're trying to look.

When hacking, you have the options of Bass Play and Bass Treatment functions to use. These can affect the health of your bass. When disconnecting, you also get one of the following messages:

Sick Message Your bass wanders aimlessly with tiny green bubbles floating over its head.
Bass Treatment You drag a cartoon pill over to your bass. It gulps down the pill and shines for a moment.
Getting better The little green bubbles have stopped floating out of your bass. That has to be a good sign.
Sick Message Your bass hiccups up a few more bubbles, turning steadily more grey. Scales slowly start falling from it to the bottom of the screen. Huh, maybe those were bad leaves.
Bass Treatment You drag a jar of ointment over to your bass, then rub back and forth with your fingers. You're not sure how ointment is supposed to work underwater, but your bass momentarily flashes yellow.
Getting better That ointment seems to have done the trick. The scales have stopped and your bass's smile is back.
Sick Message Your bass swims slowly across the screen, coating the bottom in bass droppings. It looks up at you with huge eyes until you "clean" them off with your finger.
Bass Treatment You drag a leafy branch over to your bass. It eats the leaves in one gulp and burps a little bubble that floats towards the top of the screen.
Getting better Those leaves seem to have helped settle your bass's stomach.
Getting worse Your bass swims slowly, covering the bottom of the screen with a layer of bass droppings. That pill must not have agreed with it.


Your pet bass swims around energetically.

You scratch your bass's back. It does an adorable little flip around your finger. Awwwwww.


Your pet bass ignores you until you drag it some yellow "food pellets," which it gulps down in moments.

Your pet bass swims around lazily.

You drag a toy ring over towards your bass, letting it swim back and forth through it a few times.

Your pet bass looks up at you expectantly, although you can't quite tell what it's looking for.

You scratch your bass's chin. It waves its fins in appreciation.

Your pet bass explores the edges of its screen.

You drag out a tiny castle playset below the system's defenses. Your bass does a couple laps around it, then stops to nap in the castle.


Your bass sits at the bottom of the screen with tiny Z's floating above its head.

(Once it starts sleeping, it will continue sleeping until you interact with it in some way??)

Note: healing only seems to work if you use the treatment on the last round of hacking. (You can intentionally trigger this by stacking up a whole lot of other functions to raise unsubtlety a bunch.)


Before May 4, 2014, this program had the tools: Bass Treatment, Bass Games

The following is an archive of the old pre-Novos messages:

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