Virus Event 2011

Players began encountering infected sites, getting the Wild Virus effect. The first instances of The Virus hacking opponent began appearing.

Febuary 7

  • Selling Viral Code in the Golden Chip grants 05Cleaner as a contact. Antiviral Patch may have become craftable at or before this point. The Deputy Tracker becomes available. Players can side with 05Cleaner and attempt to slow the spread, or side with the virus to increase it's spread
  • Dialogue in The Golden Chip changes, adding a paragraph that changes based on which side is winning

Febuary 14

  • New 05Cleaner dialogue
  • Viral Masses begin appearing?
    • Maddening Sites?

Febuary 26

March 3

March 12

  • Dialogue changes with 05Cleaner
  • Signal Finder becomes available from 05Cleaner
    • Selling it makes him stop talking to you.

March 13

  • Signal Finder becomes available at The Golden Chip for 100 golden tickets

March 23

  • Top relayers start getting messages about event progress

April 5 — End of event —

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