Visor Frame


Image MidgardVisor.jpg
Description This empty visor frame is pretty flimsy. It feels like you could snap it by breathing too hard, but it'll probably be a bit more solid once you fill it out.
Type Misc


toolbox.jpg examination glasses, fireworks shades, gallery visor, lieutenant's shades, nice shades, security visor


Squeeze a Black Silver Ingot into a Visor Frame
Visor Frame Black Silver Ingot
= Black Silver Visor
Create an opaque visor with a Steel Ingot and a Visor Frame
Visor Frame Steel Ingot
= Blast Visor
Fill in a Visor Frame with some Polysteel
Visor Frame Polysteel
= Lab Visor
toolbox.jpg polysteel (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Goods
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