Waddling Shape



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You notice a shape waddling through the garage. Although your sense of scale is a little warped in here, a mushroom taller than your waist is pretty unusual, to say nothing of one wandering around with a spear.

Although it has two spots that resemble eyes, they don't seem to be focused on you at all.

Summary of Choices

  1. Follow it - gain 1 XP Perception; and if not harvested mushrooms today gain 2-3 tablets of Eclipse; or with 6 ≤ Stealth Power) gain 3 XP Perception
  2. Offer it trade -
  3. Leap to attack - fight Mushroom Scout
  4. Let it leave - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Follow it

Or, conditions?:

You follow after the mushroom. It stops after a while, pointing its spear at a puddle.

When you inspect that spot, you see someone's dropped some Eclipse there. Most of it has dissolved into the water, but a few pills are whole.

You found: 2-3 tablets of Eclipse

You've earned 1 XP in Perception

You follow after the mushroom. It stops after a while, russet spores drifting from its cap in the still air as it gestures emphatically at you with its spear.

You've earned 1 XP in Perception

With 6 ≤ Stealth Power:

You sneak after the mushroom without attracting its attention. It takes a long route through the garage with no obvious path, periodically stopping to stare at a puddle or inspect some mold on the concrete.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Offer it trade

If you don't have anything to trade:

You offer a variety of items to the mushroom, which it searches through intently. Despite poking everything you offer with its spear several times, it eventually stalks off.

If you have a burger cap, concrete mushroom or yellow shelf fungus (picks at random if you have several):

You offer a variety of items to the creature until it eventually grabs a <wide mushroom cap/stony mushroom/shelf fungus>. Spores swirl around the two fungi as the creature points at its inanimate counterpart.

With a final puff of spores, it tosses the <mushroom cap/mushroom/shelf fungus> back at your head harmlessly and stalks off.

Or, if you've traded with the Mushroom Man? and have not harvested mushrooms today

You offer a variety of items to the mushroom until it grabs a protein bar, unwrapping it, and stepping on it repeatedly. It might seem that the mushroom's angry, but it does give you a smaller mushroom, so there's probably something lost in translation.

You found 1 of: burger cap, concrete mushroom, wormeaten mushroom, yellow shelf fungus

Leap to attack

You leap to the offensive. The mushroom raises the spear in its stubby arms to defend itself.

(Fight Mushroom Scout)

Let it leave

Yeah, that pretty much has to be a drug hallucination right?

(Walk Away)

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