Wall Of Crates



Encounter Conditions

Only on fourth floor

Initial Text

Someone's erected a massive wall of crates in your path. Someone with a lot of time, apparently, since each box appears to be filled with rubble.

It might even have been Hel, but you'll need to get around it somehow.

Summary of Choices

Wall of Crates

  1. Charge through - With > 10? strength, pass through, gain 5 XP Strength, otherwise take some damage, gain 3 XP Strength
  2. Blow it up - If you have Nitro OR dynamite, use one of them to blow it up. If you don't have explosives, walk around the crates*
  3. Find a way around - Gain 5 XP Perception. If you don't have a certain Perception (?) instead use extra energy? fail to progress further across floor? I failed with 11 Perception, but succeeded with 14. succeeded again with 15 buffed

Choice Text and Results

Charge Through

(If your Strength > 10?)

You charge in to the crates, scattering the pile. A few firm pushes later, you've destroyed the barrier.

You've earned 5 XP in Strength


You charge into the crates and they slide back towards you. As hard as you try to throw them off, more just slide down.

Eventually you extract yourself from the pile of crates with more than a few scrapes and bruises.

You take 23 damage.

You've earned 3 XP in Strength

Blow it up

(If you have dynamite in inventory)

You slip a stick of dynamite near the bottom of the stack. With a muffled blast, the stack collapses into wood splinters.

Definitely did the trick.

(progress more quickly across the floor?)

(Otherwise, if you have Nitro in inventory)

You lob a vial of nitro into the pile of crates. It explodes, raining bits of flaming timber throughout the area.

Damned if you can't walk right through now, though.


Sadly, you don't have any good explosives for the job and are reduced to just walking around the wall. Whoever placed it did a good job, walking around takes forever.

Find a way around

(If Perception > ?-16-? - I had tried to knock over the wall a couple times first - not sure if that makes a difference)

You don't find a shortcut by any means, but you do eventually walk entirely around the wall.


Taking a closer look, you find a slightly misplaced crate. You slip through and on to the other side in no time.

You've earned 5 XP in Perception

Spading Notes

*Low strength (I had 5(8)): Take 20? damage, fail to bypass. Mid strength (?): Take 10-20 damage, gain 3 XP Strength, bypass crates. High Strength (24?): Take no damage, gain 5 XP Strength, bypass. (May not be 'hard' stat test, that's just a guess)
With 5 strength, took 23 damage.
With 13 strength, got through (earned 5 XP).
With 12 Strength, got through
With 10 strength, took 10 damage.
With 10 strength, took 15 damage.
With 9 strength, took 12 damage.
With 9 strength, took 23 damage, gain 3 XP.

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