Wall Of Masks



Encounter Conditions



An entire wall is taken up by a huge collection of masks. They share several features, mostly simplicity and how none of them look quite right, but each seems to hold different secrets.

(And, with a museum-guidebook equipped:)

The museum guide explains they were all made by a Metroplex University graduate who eventually ended up doing advertising for Midgard. The included example of his work shows adorable characterizations of the major Midgard drone lines.

(And, with a odd sketchbook equipped:)

A few of the masks appear in the sketchbook you carry, but mostly as doodles in the margins. It doesn't look like the artist took this exhibit very seriously.

You've earned <2 random XP>
(+1 with odd sketchbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation, and/or +2 with a museum-guidebook or book of sculptures equipped)

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