Wall Of Noise



Encounter Conditions

Halloween Evacuation triggered, killed lots of hounds and spiders?

Initial Text

The mists have grown strangely silent, making it easier to hear where the few noises are coming from. You soon find a stack of speakers but, as you approach, find the music playing from it a physical pressure.

It slams into you in waves, as though struggling to push you back.

Summary of Choices

  1. Push forward - gain 1 turn Woven in Music, fight Corrupted Spider
  2. Just listen - gain 40 turns Song of the Hunt
  3. Leave it - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Push forward

The music continues to push back on you, surrounding you like countless pursuing hunters, countless strands of web. As you approach, the webs part to reveal a swirling vortex.

You've gained 1 duration of Woven in Music. (briefly bugged to give Mysterious Waters)

(Fight Corrupted Spider)

Just listen

The music blasts over you, washing away what you were listening to and replacing it with an exhausting sense of paranoia.

You've gained 40 duration of Song of the Hunt.
(Lose current music effect.)

Leave it

Something happens, but mostly it's just

(Walk Away)

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