Wandering Newbie



Encounter Conditions

If NOT told to leave the site
In construction worker gear

Initial Text

One of the workers notices you wandering around. "Hey newbie, you need anything?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk about Oldtown - Information/unlock 'talk about drones'
  2. Talk about drones (After asking about Oldtown) - Information
  3. Share a Metros Light - Information, lose a Metros Light if already drunk
  4. Lure him off - Fight Construction Crew
  5. Start a fight - Fight 3 Construction Crew
  6. Get back to work - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Talk about Oldtown

He shrugs. "It's where the work is."

"Got hired on to tear down an old apartment complex here, then build this new office building. There's brick and old pipes under everything around here, so it's been a slog."

He shakes his head, scowling. "Thank God we got a big digger. I just wish it'd work for more than ten seconds at a time. We had to bring in a bunch of twitchy Midgard drones to try and finish the job."

"Anyway, it's a nice neighborhood, wish I could afford to raise my kids here. Bring your own coffee, though, shit's expensive."

Or this result occurs more often after passing out Metros Light at Authorized Personnel Only — seems to be about 50% chance after passing out beer twice? Is there a level where it's guaranteed?:

His eyes unfocus for a bit. "Oldtown? Place is kind of creepy, you know? Old neighborhoods always got their ghosts…"

He trails off until you agree with him. "And the architect, I only met her once, but she's crazy. And not the good kind. Keeps changing the blueprints."

"I think she's one of those druggies from Downtown. You know, the ones from the news that keep doing crazy shit like setting themselves on fire or fighting with swords."

Talk about drones

"This is an OT-strict contract… sorry, OmniTech not Oldtown, fucking acronyms. So we're only supposed to be using OT drones."

He takes his helmet off and runs his hand through thinning hair. "We need to dig a ton of debris out to lay the foundation, but OT says all their drones need to run on whatever new muckity-muck software they have. So the big digger is fucked. We've got a couple newer guys that can do the light work, but…"

"So we end up bringing some of those freaky Midgard centipede-looking things. The boss is flipping shit because we're over budget renting them and it's still slow as hell."

He puts his hat back on. "But it's not like OT's gonna pay us for lost time, right?"

Or, if drunk?

He shakes his head and starts vigorously jabbing his finger at you. "Fuck this contract. The digger's fucked because OT is fucked. And the Midgard drones are…"

He drops off for a second, the wind going out of his sails. "Those things are creepy as hell, you know? Like something you'd find in your basement and scream like a little goddamn girl."

"Seriously, we had some druggie wander in and freak out, started beating on it with a hammer. Can't blame him, though. Can't say it hasn't crossed my mind."

Or — I got this right after installing the new Third Eye software. or just after asking about drones 5+ times?? Site was not drunk.

"I don't want to talk about drones." He takes off his helmet and runs a hand through his thinning hair.

"Seriously, fucking OmniTech decides to put their new muckity-muck software on the BigDig and it ends up in a fucking pit. But who's gonna get blamed when the project's behind schedule?"

Share a Metros Light

He shakes his head. "Naw, I can't. And you shouldn't either. The inspectors will can you before you can say 'I thought it was non-alcoholic!'"

Or, if already drunk:

He takes the bottle greedily and smirks. "All the cool kids are doing it, right? I'll jump off that bridge."

The Metros is gone in moments and, unlike most people drinking Metros Light, he actually seems to enjoy it.

Lure him off

You ask him to show you something, leading him to an abandoned corner of the lot before turning on him.

(Fight construction crew)

Start a fight

You take a swing and more workers swarm down with shouts of "calm down!" and "no drinking on the job!"

(Fight 3 construction crew)

Get back to work

You make vague excuses about construction needing to be done and head back into the work site.

(Walk away)

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