Wandering Worker



Encounter Conditions

Only while wearing Midgard cap or trendy Midgard Cap

Initial Text

A worker, largely ignored by the scientists bustling through the facility, glances up as you as you pass. "Hey, you're not actually assigned here are you? What're you up to?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Infiltration - Get a locker key
  2. Blowing the place up - get 2-3 of: micro rocket, Nitro, dynamite, gas grenades
  3. Kill Him - Fight Midgard Worker
  4. Blow him off - Nothing

Choice Text and Results


"You wanna be part of the scrubs-wearin' club?" he sighs. "Sure, here. Found this on the ground, probably something in the locker room."

He tosses you an old-fashioned manual key.

You found: newkey.jpg locker key

Blowing the place up

"That! That right there! That's what I'm talking about!" he looks around cautiously. "Here, take these."

You found: get 2-3 of: micro rocket, Nitro, dynamite, gas grenades

Kill Him

He doesn't seem as surprised as the average person to get attacked in the middle of a work day. He just calmly pulls out a wrench to defend himself.

(Fight Midgard Worker)

Blow him off

"Yeah, I get it. Don't worry, I won't blow your cover." He glances cautiously down the hall and continues sweeping the floor.

See Walk Away

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