Watch Ports


Image watchports.jpg
Description Defends against stealthy attacks
Memory Size 0
Target Defense
Intensity 1
Combat Message You set about watching network traffic.
(when successful):
You detect and block <opponent>'s intrusion.


According to Kinak, "stealthy" attacks are indirect attacks and other attacks that are "thematically appropriate".

Stealthy (Blocked) Not Stealthy
Corrupt Datastream, Exploit, Inject Code, Kill Command, Password Guesser,Tap Security, Time Bomb, Trigger Signal Data Scream, Defender Orb, False Intrusions, Intercept Data, Junk Data, Laser Stream (Midgard Protector), Light Lash (Midgard Protector), Protein Code, Network Silence, Rapid Testing, Sands of Time, Sword Daemon


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