Water Sapphire


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Description This probably isn't actually a sapphire, but it definitely looks like one. If you shake it hard enough, you can actually see tiny ripples bouncing inside of it.
Type Offhand Items
Sell You sell the water sapphire to a stone collector. He seems confused by its composition, but doesn't lay down a lot of credits.
Gain 10-20 credits
Multi You sell the water sapphires to a few curious speculators. They seem pretty dubious, but pay good money.
Effect (equipped) +1 Fishing


Using the Monarch's Call skill while Outside The Slags or in Lake Metroplex (South)


Steep a Water Sapphire in Liquified Eclipse
Liquified Eclipse Water Sapphire
= Eclipse Sapphire
Soak a Water Sapphire in Kraken Ink
Kraken Ink Water Sapphire
= Inky Sapphire
Soak a Water Sapphire in some Refined Petrol
Refined Petrol Water Sapphire
= Petrol Gem
Heat and mix a Putrid Mass and a Water Sapphire
Putrid Mass Water Sapphire
= Putrid Sapphire
Infuse a Water Sapphire with some Ink Extract
Ink Extract Water Sapphire
= Sea Sapphire
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Curiosities
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