Waterlogged Corpse (Sewn)

For the other opponent with the same name but different stats see Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn).


Image SewnZombie.jpg
Combat Name The corpse
HP 40
Stats Perception: 2
Reflexes: 0
Strength: 10
Will: 0
Power Melee: 5
Etheric: 0
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 4
Ranged: 4
Fire: -2
Etheric: 4
Stealth: 4
Reactive: 0
Awards 4 XP
You found: anchor chain (sometimes)
You found: zombie shirt (sometimes)
You found: zombie pants (sometimes)
You found: lake pearl (sometimes) (on the fourth floor?)
You found: damp seaweed (sometimes) (needs confirmation)
You found: rum flask (sometimes) (needs confirmation)
You found: ancient gold coins (sometimes) (needs confirmation)
You found: partially digested fish (sometimes) (needs confirmation)
You found: hooked chain (sometimes)
You found: ancient saber (sometimes) (needs confirmation)
You found: 1-2 sea journal (sometimes) (needs confirmation)


Tainted Shoreline, on oil slick
Damaged Buildings, 4th floor while etheric

Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Brutality 2 9 Melee (normal)
'' 13 Melee (unopposed)
Punch 3 7 Melee
Crushing Punch 3 10 Melee
Evil Eye 6 8 Etheric


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the corpse's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg N/A
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