Watery Offer



Encounter Conditions

Only while Etheric

Initial Text

Off in the distance, you hear a strange song. Following it to its source, you see a figure far out into the lake.

The figure points southwest, towards the sewers where you found the Fangs' hideout. Then he produces a strange light between his outstretched hands, shaped like a faerie or butterfly.

It seems to want to give you something.

Summary of Choices

  1. Accept its offer - gain strange jar, start Dock Song quest
  2. Wait until it goes back to singing - Gain 15 energy of Ocean Song
  3. Ignore it - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Accept its offer

The figure reaches into the water and pulls out what looks to be… a canning jar… and hands it to you.

As you walk away you're forced to contemplate both the mysteries of the jar and how he handed it to you from hundreds of feet away without you noticing.

You found: strange jar

Wait until it goes back to singing

Barely visible in the moonlight, the strange fishlike creature cranes its head back and sings a song of loss and desire. When it finishes, you have no idea how long you've been there, but feel more aware of your surroundings.

You've gained 15 energy of Ocean Song.

Ignore it

See Walk Away

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