Waves Of Music



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2015, after Crowd Gasping for Air

Initial Text

Music echoes out over the crowd, pressing back on you like wave after wave. Moving… even drawing air into your mouth, seems difficult, as though the music has made the air thicker.

Summary of Choices

  1. Isolate one - gain 1 Mysterious Waters, fight drowned partier
  2. Rage through - gain 1 Mysterious Waters, fight 2 drowned partiers
  3. Check for flotsam - gain earthy punch bowl or 2-3 candy
  4. Push away - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Isolate one

It's an easy matter to lure one of the partygoers away, even through the strange pressure. She shuffles towards you, seemingly unhindered by the pressing tones.

You've gained 1 duration of Mysterious Waters.

(Fight a Drowned Partier)

Rage through

You plant your feet against the ground and push yourself into the fray.

You've gained 1 duration of Mysterious Waters.

(Fight two Drowned Partiers)

Check for flotsam

You push your way through the music, finding a bowl floating in the air on strange rhythms.

You found: earthy punch bowl


You find a few pieces of candy bobbing in the music.

You found: 2-3 of candy corn, candy eyeball, mellow pumpkin, peanut butter candy, pumpkin lollipop

Push away

You push away from the crowd, finding the music thinning as you move away. Eventually, you can move normally again.

See Walk Away

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