Website Titles

Note: This page refers to Oldos hacking, and no longer exists in the game.

We have a lot of data from Master List of Websites.

Now, to categorize the obvious templates/keywords from the website titles.

++Website Types
Blogs: browse secure, browse hidden
— Sports: statistics, write ups, complaints about referees
— Labrat: quantum mechanics, experimental notes, lab politics
— Poet: private diary, overwrought poetry, complaints about parents
— Rambo: gun maintenance, hiding in forest, gunplay
Advertising Agencies: sabotage, browse secure, steal funds, browse hidden
Industrial Goods: sabotage, misdirect(powerful acid, sulfur), reroute(sheet of white plastic, nuts and bolts), browse hidden
Software Corp: misdirect, browse secure, steal funds, browse hidden
Electronics Supply: reroute, steal funds, misdirect, browse hidden
Antiquities: reroute, steal funds, browse secure, browse hidden
— Clothing: vintage suit coat, vintage suit pants
— Midgard Supplier: ancient notes, yellowing map, old PDA
— Weapons: fragile antique blade, cavalry saber, gun parts
Consumer Goods: reroute(canned food, candies, clothing), misdirect(processed sugar)

++Common phrases
Words shared by most sites:
Bunker, Festival, Emporium, Remix, of Today, Super, Trendsetting

++Specific words
Words used by particular websites, some maybe shared between different website types:
Treasure (antiques)

Codesmiths (software)

Stream (blog)
Thoughts (blog)
Ramblings (blog)
Blog (blog)
Feed (blog)
Mirror (blog)
Home (blog)

Marketing (ad agency)
Ad (ad agency)
Telemarketing (ad agency)
Shoutreach (ad agency)

Circuitry (electronics)

Dry Goods(consumer)

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