Welcome To The Grand Experiment



Encounter Conditions

must have got her note?


The strange girl from the VIP room glides through the crowd towards you, leaving it undisturbed in her wake. She smiles as she closes the last few steps.

"Get a good seat, you will not want to miss the grand experiment. I heard it will be like an art opening, paintings of blood and sorrow."

"Well, I should probably go before the guests of honor arrive. There will be many eyes here tonight." She laughs at some private joke, then turns and leaves.

or, after killing Herald of Fire?

The strange girl from the VIP Room glides her way across the room towards you. She smiles kindly, but it's impossible to read her eyes.

"Thank you. There are not a lot of people that would help out like that. I suppose you can't blame them, can you?"

"Oh! That reminds me! I got you an early Christmas present. Merry Christmas!" She hands you a tablet that looks exactly like any other Eclipse, but made of cold silver.
"Good luck!"

When you glance back up towards her, she's gone.

You found: Silver Eclipse

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