Werewolf Infection

Werewolf infection is a hidden flag you can get from a handful of sources. When you are Etheric, you start all fights by turning into a werewolf, and have access to a new set of techniques.


  • Equipping a wolfskin belt - gives the following when starting a fight:

The belt around your waist writhes and sinks into your flesh. The hunt is on.

You can hear your heart beating, louder and louder as your body twists to join the hunt.

You feel the urge to hunt rise within you, but keep it chained.

(Charmed chain techniques take priority.)

All of the above require Etheric to work.


Your techniques are replaced by a new set of techniques. Some are in your deck by default; others are unlocked by having certain techniques in your regular deck or by using certain techniques in earlier rounds of combat.

None of the techniques granted by the belt require or consume energy of Etheric when used.

Chain Technique Unlocked by Type Attribute Base
werewolfbite.jpg Wolf Bite Ghoul Bite Melee Strength 7
brutalclaw.jpg Brutal Claw Brutality Melee Strength 4 +8 unopposed
werewolfclaw.jpg Wolf Claw (default) Melee Strength 4
huntermoon.jpg Hunting Dash (default) Stealth Strength 3 bonus following Skin of the Wolf and "moon tide" techniques?
overthemoon.jpg Predatory Leap (default) Evasion Strength 2 Defends vs. F, M, R ; also blocks E following Gibbous Moon Tide or Full Moon Tide
suddensavagery.jpg Sudden Savagery Sudden Savagery Stealth Strength 15 Any copies in your normal deck also show up in your werewolf deck
callthetide.jpg Skin of the Wolf (default) Etheric Will - unlocks Crescent Moon Tide for the next round of combat
crescentmoontide.jpg Crescent Moon Tide * Etheric Will 5 unlocks Half Moon Tide for the next round of of combat
halfmoontide.jpg Half Moon Tide * Etheric Will 10 unlocks Gibbous Moon Tide for the next round of of combat
gibbousmoontide.jpg Gibbous Moon Tide * Etheric Will 15 unlocks Full Moon Tide for the next round of of combat
fullmoontide.jpg Full Moon Tide * Etheric Will 20
howlingmoon.jpg Call Of The Moon Release the Hounds Etheric Will - does damage following "moon tide" techniques; may defend (vs R?) following Full Moon Tide (and others?)
wolfgaze.jpg Lupine Gaze Evil Eye Etheric Will 8

You start with 4 of each of the (default) techniques in your deck. The number of unlockable techniques in your werewolf deck is equal to the number of equivalent techniques in your normal deck.

The moon tide techniques (*) are only available as you use the previous one in the cycle, starting with Skin of the Wolf. When you use Skin of the wolf, it automatically adds one copy of Crescent Moon Tide to your hand (not deck). When you use Crescent Moon Tide, it adds Half Moon Tide, and so on. Nothing is added when you use Full Moon Tide.

See Techniques Testing for a list techniques that are confirmed not unlock more techniques with the belt and things that still need testing.


Silver Bullets seems to get a bonus against people with the werewolf infection, if you have Undead Scourge?

See also: Lupine Masks

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