When your target doesn't have a Technique


When you use a technique and your opponent doesn't this increases the power of the technique. Often referred to as +unopposed or Brutality bonus.

Note that being stunned or using Do Nothing still counts as an opposing technique.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Power Modifiers

+2 fanged lupine mask, Stainless Skulls helmet (with punk music)
+1 bloodied lupine mask, distorted wolfman mask, lupine Halloween mask
+6 anarchist crowbar
+5 decorated werewolf claw, Stone's beatstick, Stone's pistol
+4 black silver chain, charmed chain, ghostly truncheon, harvester blade, Oldtown crowbar, psychopath's knife, quivering needler, scepter of ice
+3 bone edged chain, jagged drone leg, killer pistol, scarred crowbar
+2 bloodthirsty sidearm, bone spiked knuckles, personal nailbat, pitted chain, national automatic, reinforced chain, vicious chain
+3 bloodied crystal
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +unopposed weapon), bleeding wolf tooth, golden cane, detached skull charm, stone heart
+2 bone gang jacket
+2 pale costume pants
+3 fine gold monocle
+2 Midgard player (with Blitz Seed), wolfskin belt
+5 Primeval Terror
+3 Frigid Rulership
+2 Bitter Treat, Omega injection
-4 Peace of Blossoms
+2 Appearance is Everything (in Midgard security disguise), Ruthlessness


See also: Unopposed Techniques

Used by (opponents)

Albino Crocodile +4
Dr. Johnson +5
Dr. Mira +4
Fireworks Serpent +5
Form Of Chains +4
Fuzed Snowmen some?
Gravedigger +5-7?
Insane Slasher +3
Ocean King +10
Punk Bomber +2
Ragged Woman +4
Skull In The Flames +4-6
Snow Avenger some
Smoke Dragon some
Spiked Demon some
The Squatter King +2
Vine Confluence +6

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