While Underground

Certain skills grant an extra bonus while underground. Currently the only locations that are considered "underground" include:

All other locations are considered aboveground.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items
Things affected when you are underground:
Hats Bonus while Underground
scuffed mining helmet Unlocks Mining Encounters
Offhand Bonus while Underground
glass salamander +4 Etheric Defense and Fire Defense
heart of the earth serpent +4 Fire Power
mold heart +3 Etheric Power
tear of the earth +4 Etheric Power
Cyberware Bonus while Underground
eye of the earth serpent +4 Etheric Power
Effects Bonus while Underground
Cavern Chimes +2 Evasion Power
Underground Rations +3 Etheric Defense
Subterranean Delights +2 Etheric Defense
+2 Evasion Power
Skills Bonus while Underground
Subterranean Rhythm +3 Evasion Power
Techniques Bonus while Underground
Burrowing Arm Makes the attack undodgeable
Burrowing Horror +6 Base damage
Burrowing Ruse +2 Base damage
Flittering Charm 10 base etheric attack underground or evasion otherwise
Grasping Glow +3 Base damage
Mining Strike +4 Base damage
Pale Summons harder to evade (restrain?)
Swinging Chain +2 Base defense
Sunless Slime +8 Base damage
Take Root better healing aboveground

Most of these bonuses are doubled While in Caverns.

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