Whining Drone



Encounter Conditions

At ≤4 site panic

Initial Text

The ground here obviously used to be the foundation of a large building. Chunks of concrete and tangles of old piping jut out at odd angles, but the strangely shaped drone in front of you burrows through the mess like a fish swims through water.

The only counterpoint to its beauty is the horrific whine it gives off as it tears through concrete.

Summary of Choices

  1. Watch it dig - Gain 3 or 6 XP in Perception
  2. Go after it - Fight Burrowing Drone
  3. Leave it be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Watch it dig

You watch the drone move through the mess of soil, old concrete, and ancient pipes like it was born to it. People give Midgard a lot of grief, much of it deserved. But if they can build a drone that's this fluid, this… natural… well, they're probably doing something right.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Or, if you have found the mysterious drone signature:

Looking at Midgard's drone code is one thing, but watching it in action is something completely different. Creating a drone with the full range of human intellect and emotion, whatever that even means, has long been the holy grail of drone design.

But, watching the drone tunnel effortlessly through the old foundation as though it was born there, it feels like Midgard might have hit on something equally profound.

You've earned 6 XP in Perception

Go after it

Although the drone is built for digging, it turns towards you as though it has every intent of defending itself.

(Fight Burrowing Drone)

Leave it be

A digging drone is digging. It's almost the definition of "nothing to see here."

See Walk Away

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