Whiskey Bottle


Image BottleofAlcohol.jpg
Description It's not labeled and you're not honestly sure what it is, but it smells like burning.
Type Drug
Requires 5 Body
Use You throw caution to the wind and chug the bottle of whiskey. It hits you like a ton of bricks, but you're still standing when its all done.
Multi The human body is only meant to handle so much whiskey. You push it to the limit and beyond. You'll definitely feel that in the morning.
Effects Gives 15 energy of Whiskey Drunk


Drops from the Drunken Challenger and Third Eye Poseur
Abandoned Subway: Dumpster with Digger (Gang Warfare)
The Happy Hour: Bartender, One Drink Minimum, One Drink a Day, Passed Out Man, A Round for My Friends!, Welcome VIP
Midgard Warehouse: Workers on Break (only during Lo's Investigation)
Waterfront: Desperate Dockhand
From Dumpster With Digger encounter in Abandoned Subway (Gang Warfare)


Heat a Bottle of Whiskey and dissolve three Eclipse in it
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Happy Art Student in The Happy Hour
Whiskey Bottle Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse
= Eclipse Whiskey
Distill out the alcohol of one Whiskey Bottle
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Chemistry Papers
ChemKit25.jpg Whiskey Bottle
= Grain Alcohol
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Drugs
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