Whispered Party Observations



Encounter Conditions

As long as you have not walked away from this encounter

Initial Text

A pair of well-dressed individuals are having a conversation near the elevators, just at the edge of the darkness. The man is wearing a rather showing suit, while the woman is clearly more professional.

They're speaking in hushed tones, so you care barely pick out a whisper.

Summary of Choices

  1. Listen in - Info, more with high Stealth Power
  2. Join the conversation - Info, more with downtown executive ID
  3. Jump them - Fight Assistant Vice President and Janet Barsukov
  4. Let them finish - Walk Away, permanently removes this encounter

Choice Text and Results

Listen in

You creep a bit closer to hear more details. The man is in the middle of complaining about something, but stops for a suspicious moment. If he heard you, you're not sure what he even picked up.

"Really looking forward to the party," he start back up.

"Yes," she agrees simply.

Or, with sufficient Stealth Power. 12 was not enough, 22 was:

You creep a bit closer to hear more details. The man is in the middle of complaining about something. "I have no idea why Special Projects lets you get away with this. Are you going to have a party in the executive suite if this doesn't work?"

"Do you think we're doing this without approval, assistant vice president?" She doesn't turn toward him, but chews over each word of his title.

He doesn't take the bait, smiling and prodding for more information. "I mean, Draupnir I understand, but…"

"You understand it? Just because they show up on your balance sheets?" She sighs, finally managing to kill the conversation.

Join the conversation

The man's eyes flicker over you and he smiles. "Just checking things out down here. I heard it'll be a party to remember."

Or, with a downtown executive ID:

The man's eyes flicker down to your badge, although the woman seems less impressed.

He smiles and gives a slight bow to you. "Ah, we were just discussing the festivities. She was about to explain how this all ties into Special Project Utgard."

She eyes you more carefully, then turns to her companion. "It would be best if you found somewhere else to be when the party hits full swing. Unless you want to see what people really think of you."

"Sounds fun, honestly," he says, with a smile that doesn't brighten his eyes. "But I should probably be going."

Jump them

You jump the pair of them. They both pull guns, the man with much more flourish.

(Fight Assistant Vice President and Janet Barsukov)

Let them finish

They finish up their meeting and head back to the elevators, each heading to a different floor.

(Walk Away, permanently removes this encounter)

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