Whispers In The Park


Encounter the Evil Eye in the Park (requires etheric, completion of Southside Park quest)


There are (at least) 6 possible skill rewards for completing this quest in different ways, but they all center around the Evil Eye in the Park, and possibly the Evil Burning Barrel. Some of this is still not fully understood — see discussion.

Shadowy Presence path

Reward: Shadowy Presence skill

Focused Mind path

  • Find the Evil Eye in the Park, and "pit your will against it" with at least 8 buffed Will. With some other condition - got it at 2 Will.

Reward: Focused Mind skill

Gaze Beyond path

Reward: Gaze Beyond skill

Protective Faith/Bloody Solution/Boundless Patience paths

NOTE: You must have not scared the bums at the Burning Barrel to get any of the following three skills.

  • "Demand answers" from the Skittish Bum, scaring him off
  • Ask about the voice one more time
  • Get Etheric and find the Solving Itself encounter eventually.

Reward: Boundless Patience skill

Reward: Bloody Solution skill

Reward: Protective Faith skill


Quest Log

After doing what the voice commands, but not having listened to its words?:

You heard a mysterious voice in Southside Park while under the effects of Eclipse.

After listing to the eye in the park:

You've listened to the myserious voice in Southside Park, but you're still not sure what it might be up to.

After demanding answers from the skittish bum, or losing a fight against him (or running away from him?):

You frightened off a man who seemed to know something about the voice but he's nowhere to be found now.

After killing the skittish bum:

You killed a man who seemed connected to the voice in the park. He was wearing an old-fashioned amulet with a stylized eye on it which might be important somehow.

Finished quest through Shadowy Presence or Bloody Solution path:

That mysterious voice in the park shouldn't be bothering anyone anymore.

Finished quest through Gaze Beyond path:

Well, that mysterious voice in the park seems to have found a new home inside your head.

Finished quest through Protective Faith or Focused Mind path:

Well, that mysterious voice in the park shouldn't be bothering you anymore.

Finished quest through Boundless Patience path:

Well, it seems that mysterious voice in the park went away.


This quest was heavily revamped relatively recently and should be investigated for alternate paths and more content.

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