White Worm Innards



Encounter Conditions

After having killed a Wriggling Form from White Worm Emerging and with Experimental Gourmand active?

Initial Text

The garage shakes around you, streams of concrete dust dancing in the still air as cracks begin to form. A massive bulk covered in pale scales bursts through the floor below you, snapping you up again in its huge mandibles.

The foul tunnel of its innards are clearer than before, giving you time to see the debris pooled in the bile at your feet and strange, almost fungal, growths along the fleshy walls. You can also feel the thumping of a massive heart deeper within the creature, but your view is blocked by a veritable wall of those writhing worms.

Summary of Choices

  1. Grab some debris - gain blade fragments (once), or 1-2 of: bone flakes, polysteel, worm gastrolith
  2. Harvest the growths - gain 1-2 stomach fungus
  3. Push toward its heart - take damage or with Wormslayer and Channeling Matsuo gain Swordbreaker skill
  4. Retreat - Walk away?

Choice Text and Results

Grab some debris

You find a few pieces of glittering metal before the worm regurgitates you. On closer inspection, they look like fragments of a broken blade.

You found: blade fragments

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Or, after the above?:

Aside from the ankle-deep bile, there's a bunch of round stones that seem to be grinding everything else slowly to powder. You grab a few things as the worm regurgitates you.

You found: 1-2 of: bone flakes, polysteel, worm gastrolith

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Harvest the growths


Despite your deft touch, the worm regurgitates quickly after you start prying at the growths.

You found: 1-2 stomach fungus

You've earned 4 XP in Reflexes

Or, with a mushroom spade:


Despite carefully removing the fungal growths with your spade, the worm regurgitates you after only extracting a handful.

You found: 2-3 stomach fungus

You've earned 4 XP in Reflexes

Push toward its heart

You try to push through the reaching worms, but they fight back frantically. After what feels like hours of pushing against the living wall, you're coughed out of the worm in a pool of its bile and your blood.

You take 28 damage.

Or, with Wormslayer (and Channeling Matsuo?):


You cut through the wriggling worms, exposing the thing's heart. It thumps so loudly you can feel your bones rattle.

You drive Wormslayer into the heart, shattering the sword and forcing you out of the worm in a torrent of blood. Still, the worms… the sword breaking in your hands… it's like nothing can hurt you.

You've learned a new Skill: Swordbreaker

(Lose Wormslayer)


Something happens, but mostly it's just

(Walk Away)

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