Who Are You?



Encounter Conditions

After having shaken down dockhands for the Fangs.

Initial Text

One of the Fangs' guards approaches you as you wander through their cave. "Hey, hold it, who the hell are you?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Jump him - fight Gang Enforcer
  2. Introduce yourself - information or fight Gang Enforcer
  3. Turn and run - alerts the hideout

Choice Text and Results

Jump him (Evil 1)

He curses loudly and brings a gun around towards you. "Never trust an outsider. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

(Fight Gang Enforcer)

Introduce yourself

With Carlos's approval:

"Fuckin' Carlos," he shakes his head woefully, "no mind for security, that guy."

"No offense, I mean, if you're good with Carlos you're good with us. He's just… well, you know."

He huffs and wanders off. Well, at least he decided not to make it into a fight.

With a cracked baseball bat equipped:

"Heh, yeah, I remember that guy. He called himself 'The Golden Glove.' Seriously, of all the pretentious crap."

"He said he used to run with The Vigilante, but I haven't heard anything about that joker for months either. Yeah, it's a bad time to stand up to the Fangs."

He laughs loudly to himself, although it's hard to tell whether he's laughing at the Fangs or their enemies. Eventually he wanders off without trying to kill you, though, so that worked out.


He laughs. "Heh, never heard of ya. Let's see if you're worth lettin' in."

(Fight Gang Enforcer)

Turn and run

You flee, pleasantly surprised by the lack of gunshots. Unfortunately, a moment later the silence is broken by his shouts of "Intruder! Intruder! Get your guns you jerkoffs!"

(The hideout now behaves as if you hadn't entered peacefully.)

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