Will is one of the four attributes of Metroplexity.

Will represents resolve, focus, and strength of personality.

Will improves certain strange Techniques. Your HP are also based on the lower of your Will and Strength. (If you have the Undying Will skill, Strength is ignored and it just uses your Will.)

Associated with winter and friends of David.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Will Modifiers

+10%  hungry ooze caul, Silver security cap
+8 coronation crown
+6 consort crown, costume police cap, festival mask, pimp hat, sea lord's crown
+5 blood rose crown
+4 abstract domino mask w/Hide Your Emotions, costume crown, dashing hat, entertainment visor, ghoulish crown, HKGames helmet, regal crown, silk top hat, party mask, ordinary scarf
+3 festive knit hat, fiery museum mask, noir retro hat, old spectacles, scarred silver mask
+2 buried crown, fireworks shades, shining mask, slick shades, Stainless Skulls helmet, trendy Midgard cap
+1 surgeon's mask
+8 building hammer, ferry staff
+7 ghoulish pistol, mirror-handled pistol (with Winter AROTPBY), postapocalyptic spear (with Winter AROTPBY)
+6 crystal hound's tooth, entertainment sidearm, gaudy eye ring, toy switchblade
+5 ostentatious blade
+4 bristled leg, mislit rusted sword w/Soul in the Sword, scarred fishing pole, shark hide baton, repaired Vigilante pistol
+3 folding pistol, gold knuckles, luxury holdout, smoldering gun, the bone scepter, tinker's pistol
+2 classic handgun, enforcement bat, inlaid saber, magical princess wand, plastic scythe, silver blade, silver knuckles
Offhand Items
=25 coin of the seasons, solstice coin, winter coin
=ED solid mummy hologram
+ED solid skull hologram
+X survivors' origami crane (X = other origami disguise parts equipped)
+10% collectible fundraising ribbon, fundraising ribbon, Halloween ribbon, Jess's ribbon, museum fundraising ribbon, Oldtown fundraising ribbon, retro fundraising ribbon, Silver fundraising ribbon, statue fundraising ribbon
+5% exiled fundraising ribbon
+6 anniversary pocket mirror (with no weapon equipped), bleeding wolf tooth, show Vigilante pistol, the frozen heart, trophy talons (with smoking talons equipped)
+5 art museum ribbon, festival doll, massive pearl, ostentatious ring, pep ribbon, resetter's ribbon, resonant emerald crystal, treated cell culture, vicious poetry
+4 articulated worm sculpture, any dream offhand item (with Tooth Dream and Eclipse), nostalgic teddy bear, overfull goblet, programmatic satire, talking doll, trophy talons
+3 argent heart, crystal raven feather, gargoyle wing, hidden heart, Hologame Meditations, inert cell culture, programmatic poetry, shadowy heart, signed fable, Survey of Modern Poetry, unearthly coin, whispering doll
+2 bloody goblet, clay worm, fancy clutch, goblet of bones, gold pearl, reconstructed doll, satirical poetry, smudged Idoru
+1 commemorative bucket, Metroplex Idoru, My Little Idoru
-3 underground punch bowl
-4 pulsating eye
-6 tome of spells
-7 squirming heart
+7 mirror gang jacket (with Winter AROTPBY)
+6 fine gown
+5 blood rose cape, museum STAFF shirt, STAFF shirt
+4 dripping shirt, immaculate suit coat, gilt gang jacket, magical princess dress, musty shirt, snug dress, vestment
+3 crystalline sweater, dinosaur sweater, festive hat sweater, gingerbread sweater, holiday sweater, llama sweater, mirror heart vest (with Winter AROTPBY), nostalgic sweater, red nosed sweater, reindeer sweater, snowflake sweater
+2 bloodied coat, classy dress, grave vestments, reaper robes, Third Eye vest, slinky dress, vintage suit coat
+1 six shirt
-3 worm scale shirt
+5 shark hide pants
+3 elegantly torn pants* w/Eclipse Patch, vintage suit pants, worm moltings
+2 church suit pants, elegantly torn pants, pressed slacks
+1 elegantly torn pants w/Eclipse Patch and Scuba Patching
-3 worm scale pants
+6 flower of the dragon
+5 lake pearl necklace, super holowatch
+4 actual antique watch, blown glass trinket, gold necklace, Midgard Player w/Metered Seed, pearl necklace, resonating crystal spine, resonating spinal loop, understated watch
+3 coder's watch, cultured pearl necklace, party necklace
+2 character laptop, classic watch, crystal spine, crystal spine loop, dancing hut figure, plastic flower lei, rosary, Teso game console (with Journey of Heroes), watch of tomorrow
+1 waterlogged PDA
-1 showy watch
-3 disgusting slug, fine gold monocle
Novos Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor,memory cost)
+YS integrated verification (1,2)
+6 pep program (with neural link) (1,1)
+2 Extreme Bass XIII Player (1,1)
-2 inhuman HUD Manager (1,3)
Oldos Programs - requires a computer as gadget (processor cost)
+3 network scan (1)
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
+6 glimmering crystal eye
+4 garish cybereye, Inteternal eyes (with Manual Control)
-2 cybereye blank, weeping cybereye
-4 Inteternal eyes (without Manual Control), nightmarish cybereye
-6 rippling cybereye
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+4 Inteternal blade (with Manual Control), Inteternal hands (with Manual Control)
+3 decorative cybergun, targeting cyberarms
+2 transparent arms
-3 wired cyberarms
-4 Inteternal blade (without Manual Control), Inteternal hands (without Manual Control), reflexive cyberblade
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
+4 Inteternal cyberlegs (with Manual Control)
+3 rhythmic cyberlegs
+2 transparent legs
-3 wired cyberlegs
-4 Inteternal cyberlegs (without Manual Control)
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+6 OmniTech ArtSkin
+3 body jewels
Cyberware (Organware)
+8 adrenal pump
+4 Inteternal organs (with Manual Control)
-3 secret cyberheart, tubegrown organ
-4 Inteternal organs (without Manual Control)
Cyberware (Neuralware)
-4 memory mesh
-6 Midgard Neural Expander
+2 art museum model (with Eclipse), commemorative fountain
+1 dove plaque
-1 spider drone model
-4 animatronic doll
+20% Fearsome Visage, Runic Puzzle
+10 Emerald Gift Live*
+9 Experimental Gourmand
+7 Eating Reflections (with Winter AROTPBY)
+6 Champagne Drunk, Second Hand Gift
+5 Grave's Perspective
+4 Classic Carols, Cold Depths, Crystal Mind, Expensive Smoke, Fantasies of the Stone, Flicker of Peace, Gummy Pumpkin, Industrial Mohawk, Prepared Coin, Rum Addled, Taste of Ashes, Tooth Dream, Unchanging Survival
+3 Boon of Strength, Classical Recital*, Emerald Gift*, Fantastic Fiction, Full of Chocolate, Happy Hour, High Brow, Mouth of Bitters, Personal Certainty, Speculative Fiction
+2 Bone Eye (with no hat), Friend of Small Things, Healthy Energies, Hunt For The Gift*, Office Love, Party Buzz, RAGE, Released Cricket, Tropical Relaxation
+1 Bracing Cold, Gummy, Idol Metal*, Wine Buzz
-1 Annoying Headache
-2 Backed Down, Fish Empathy, OmniCarols, RAGE bar, Scalded, Viral Carols
-3 Blood Loss, Burning Chips, Chip Headache, Dream State, Overzealous Assistance, Weighted
-4 Blood of the Stone, Dripping With Gore, Icy Demeanor, Idiotic Deaths, Steady Hand, Strangely Drowsy
-5 Blood Fumes, Breathing Embers
-6 Nest Keeper, Neural Realignment, Parasitic Eye, Spider Venom
-8 Grip of the Sargasso, Overindulged
-9 Stomach Fungus
-10 Crushed Perceptions, Degenerate Mists, Empty Heart
-25% Centipede Bite, Cyber Sickness
-50% Ebbing Cheer, Serpent Venom
-100% Endless Winter
+4 Boundless Patience
+3 Art Appreciation (with Eclipse), Quantum Mechanics
+2 Protective Faith (with Eclipse)

* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions

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