Winged Hunter

For the technique by the same name, see Winged Hunter (technique).


Image Winged-Hunter100.jpg
Combat Name The hunter
HP 60
Stats Perception:
Reflexes: 32-48
Power Melee:
Stealth: <11
Unopposed: 5
Hidden Flags Flying
Defense Melee: ≥15
Fire: -5
Etheric: 15-20
Reactive: >0
Awards 6 XP
You learned a new Technique: Jade Ward


Adventuring with the Jade Amulet equipped

On Winning

Wow, this little amulet must totally have saved you. Lucky!

You learned a new Technique: Jade Ward

Or, with a binding tome equipped:

You say a few words over the rapidly fading form of the hunter, binding it into your tome.

You learned a new Technique: Winged Hunter

On Losing (including a draw)

The thing lashes out with its tail, snatching the amulet from your grasp. The last thing you hear before you black out is the howling of the wind under the creature's wings.

(You lose: Jade Amulet)

On Running away

You escape the hunter's pursuit.

You can hear the wind beneath the thing's wings as it circles around.

(Hunter will show up again 1-8? energy later, as long as you don't (unequip amulet?/leave area?)

Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Haul In The Air 3 19-20* Melee (normal)
Causes end of round melee damage
" Nothing (versus Evasion or Stealth)
Snake Out Tail 4 11 Stealth (normal)
" 17-18 Stealth (following Haul in the Air)
Beat Wings 5 Evasion (M)
Ice Shatter 5 25 Etheric (first time)
'' 15 Etheric (further times)
Roaring Wind 6 11 Stealth
Featureless Gaze 7 19 Etheric
This opponent has +5 Power to all techniques when Unopposed.

* Since the end-of-round falling damage is always unopposed, it will actually do 24-25 base melee damage. Melee/reactive defense will reduce this like normal.


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the hunter's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 3 XP
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