Winged Tornado



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of bats have filled the hall. Students everywhere are panicked and trying to flee.

But near you, you can see one student the bats seem to have taken a particular interest in. As he runs, they've been chasing him

Summary of Choices

Jump in the way - fight Bat Swarm
Find some fire
Leave him to his fate

Choice Text and Results

Jump in the way

You charge into the mass of bats, providing a more pressing concern than devouring the student.

(Fight Bat Swarm)

Find some fire

With 5+? Fire Power

You grab a burning piece of table and charge into the mass of bats. They fall back away from the student in stages as you force them further and further back.

He's able to escape, while the bats eventually give up to find easier prey.

With some (5+?) Fire Defense


Confident in your protections, you pick up a massive chunk of burning table. Charging the bats, then remaining between them and the student, you're able to convince them to find easier prey.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength


You grab a chunk of burning streamer and wave it at the bats. They seem unimpressed, but you did get their attention.

The bats swarm you as their previous victim escapes.

(Fight Bat Swarm)

Leave him to his fate

You leave him to his fate, screaming as the bats cover him entirely. Your last sight of him reveals his body spasming and bending at unnatural angles as he tries to fight them off.

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