With Eclipse

Certain items, effects or skills gain greater bonuses when under the effects of eclipse. Other forms of Etheric also count, such as Slags Poisoning.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Bonuses when Etheric

call center mask +3 Stealth Power
retro conductor hat +3 Fire Defense
dragon mask +2 Fire Power
emerald facade +3 Stealth Power
masquerade mask +2 Stealth Power
stained glass helm +2 Melee Defense, +2 Ranged Defense
the Best Helmet +4 Evasion Power, Air Filter
brick knuckles +3 Melee Power
bone automatic +9 Ranged Power
bone pistol +7 Ranged Power
coal focus +8 Fire Power
ghoulish pistol +5 Ranged Power
royal scepter +4 Melee Power
stained glass spear +4 Melee Power
Stainless Skulls axe +3 Melee Power
survivors' origami blade +8 Melee Power
survivors' origami pistol +8 Ranged Power
toy cutlass +6 Melee Power
toy switchblade +6 Melee Power
Offhand Items
carnivorous beetle +2 Etheric Defense/+4 with a dream effect active
charred wooden souvenir +2 Fire Defense/+4 with a dream effect active
corpse datareader +2 Fire Power
crystal face +4 Fire Power
decorative pumpkin +2 Melee Defense
failed cyberarm +2 Melee Defense/+4 with a dream effect active
fairy tales +2 Evasion Power
Idoru dancer +2 Evasion Power
iron cauldron +2 Fire Power
shattered sidearm +2 Ranged Defense/+4 with a dream effect active
smudged Idoru +2 Fire Defense
survivors' origami box +3 Stealth Defense
survivors' origami coin +3 Ranged Defense
survivors' origami shield +3 Melee Defense
survivors' origami vortex +3 Etheric Defense
charmed shirt +3 Ranged Defense
ephemeral shawl +4 Melee Defense
royal vestments +4 Ranged Defense
vampire shirt +2 Evasion Power
orbital watch +3 Ranged Power
Gadgets (Programs)
staring blade program (1P,3M) +3 Fire Power, additional +3 with no weapon equipped
staring eye program (1P,3M) +3 Etheric Power, additional +3 with no offhand equipped
staring gauntlet program (1P,3M) +3 Stealth Power, additional +3 with no weapon equipped
staring shield program (1P,3M) +3 Evasion Power, additional +3 with no offhand equipped
Concrete Perspective +4 Melee Defense
Defense of the Gift +4 Evasion Power
Eyes of the Inspired +2 Ranged Power
Fires of Inspiration +2 Fire Power
Inspired Force +2 Melee Power
Inspired Imagination +2 Etheric Power
Inspired Movements +2 Stealth Power
Smiling Artist +2 Evasion Power
Smiling Brawler +2 Evasion Power
Smiling Pyro +2 Evasion Power
Smiling Shooter +2 Evasion Power
Smiling Sneak +2 Evasion Power
art museum model +2 Will
commemorative fountain +1 Melee Defense
Art Appreciation +3 Will
Dreamslayer Melee and Etheric Techniques use the higher Power of the two
Protective Faith +2 Etheric Defense and +2 Will
Stellar Appreciation +3 Melee Defense

Bonuses when you are not Etheric

art museum model +2 Perception
Art Appreciation +3 Perception
Stellar Appreciation +3 Etheric Defense
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